First blog post

Welcome to Effyis Biblos!

Hello! I am starting a blog! I don’t quite exactly know what I am going to post, but be optimistic: less posts means that you have more times to do other things! Over time I will get better, but even this website is confusing me. I hope you will join me on my journey and look at the random and not-as-random stuff I post.


Poems from Geraldton – 2019

Look! A post!

My long-neglected blog rewarms some dormant circuits in the WordPress server banks – just some poems I wrote (as homework) over the Easter holidays in Geraldton. One of them is actually related to Geraldton, the other not so much.

Firstly, The Windswept City, a sonnet about Geraldton. It’s coastal, so it’s very windy. The last line of the first stanza refers to the local attraction, the “Leaning tree” – a tree in some field that (due to, again, wind) grows primarily sideways.

The Windswept City

An undulating hummock, pearly hills,

A thousand grains create a dune, a whole.

And ‘neath the creaking, twisting of windmills,

Long-fallen trees still live clasping the knoll.


The beaten shore windswept eternally,

A sky of kites a bay of flow’ring sails.

A land of rustling air and shifting trees.

A place where nature’s rushing cousin wails.


And as the setting sun closes the day,

Another windswept day turns into night,

And boats catch alight distant from the bay,

An evening blaze of fire; horizon’s light,

The fallen trees still live, townsfolk all lay,

beneath the air’s eternal boisterous flight.


Ozone, a free verse (and dramatic monologue), is pretty easy to discern the meaning of – it’s about global warming. It needs no further explanation:


I choke and splutter

Against waves of thick, poisonous smoke.

My cousins and friends – rivers, forests, mountains and caves

Also fight, also fall to the angry jaws and whirling claws of the machines.

Gas-guzzling drills bore gas to guzzle more gas,

A cycle of gluttony and greed,

To power their asphyxiating automobiles, their breath-blocking buses and suffocating SUVs.

But soon they’ll bring their own end.

Their punishing fumes stretch me thin, and rays of light, heat, harmful radiation,

That will scorch the earth that gives them all they take.

I’ll snap, die, and the world will heat, and they’ll have no-one

But Themselves

To blame.

And underneath the burning surface, in the underground bunkers they’ll retreat to

A dreadful silence – it’s all their fault; they could have saved themselves.

But now SPF is moot – the solar system’s fiery core,

All life’s blazing root turned scorching bane,

Will sear anything not buried deep or steely hard,

Even under the former ice-caps global seas.

They’ll drown without my shield against the spinning fusion core

That lights, however little, skies in other galaxies.

So only if they stop, only if they cease their onslaught,

Against every river, tree, stone and cloud.

Then they shall be saved from a self-brought apocalypse.

Time is running out.

Thanks for reading. Bye!

My First Attempts at Poetry Slam

I recently went to “Poetry Slam”, a spoken word poetry workshop held at a local library. I wrote these poems. They are my first ever slam poetry attempts. The first I wrote in less than 10 mins and the second in about 25 mins, during the short workshop.

So what qualifies for entry into an Australian poetry slam?

[In general; Spoken word poetry is performed theatrically on stage]. ABSOLUTE two minute limit. Time starts at your first word or when the timekeeper feels the performance has begun (no additional time allowed for introductions). Poem must be the original work of the performer written within the last 12 months. One or two recognisable pop culture references are okay. Performers must be prepared to perform two different poems in the heat. In the case of a tie the MC will conduct a “slam off” tie-breaker performance contestants must be prepared with a third poem to allow for this eventuality. No musical accompaniment. No props. No costumes.


Rome - 1


I am…
At school.
I am
Reading a good novel.
I am
Only 60% in a test.

I am
Many readers, reading quietly.
I am
My bro’s dirty T-shirt,
On the floor for days…

I am
Losing my page,
More than twice.
I am

I am
The light under a tree,
Swaying in the wind.
I am
Finishing a great book series.

I am
A videogame,
But particularly a sandbox game,
Particularly “Minecraft”
I am?

Pesaro - 1

Ideas? Anyone??

I can’t think of anything to write.
My lack of bright ideas
Is as dark
As the night.

Passion. Point. Poeticness – isn’t a word?
My mind soars as free
As a clipped, caged bird.

I definitely have a mental block.
Or is it called a Blank?
If this poetry is reasonable,
Then my primary school stuff stank.

The irony of anti-poetry is clear.
Oblivious to it at the front,
But as we reach the rear…

The more I think about it thought,
I realise I’m wrong.
This is less of a poem,
More a ridiculous song.

Though again I realise –
No, it’s actually a rhyme.
And now will come my summary,
As I’m low on time.

Again my vocabulary’s incorrect,
A “conclusion” fits the bill.
A summary doesn’t finish this,
and it never will.

Though the specific word “conclusion”…
Probably won’t be the last.
That final word is coming soon,
As I’m losing paper fast…

I will quickly,
Write down the last word.

As we finally
Reach it – 
We reveal
That it is –


(What? Oh well).

Christmas Holidays


Guest post by Keagan

We’re having holidays in La Tzoumaz which is in the canton Valais. We rented a nice  chalet (wooden house), and there we like playing board games and laser tag.

In short we were having a very nice time except that Riddles go on trips almost every day and there is only enough room in the car for 7 people and so only one of the Linder kids can come and today that’s isn’t me and that’s why im writing today not tomorrow and not yesterday but today. But that’s not the point, otherwise I would be reading my book, you know at the moment the book is just so boring. And so I just don’t know what to do.

Yesterday we went to Chillon castle which is beside lake Geneva.

Me and Lucas went and searched for tunnels or secret passages and went through them then we usually arrived in a place that we had were already in once and said: “Oh have we been here before? Lets go into that room where the others are” We went there and said “I wonder where this tunnel goes” and we started at the beginning. While we were doing this Reuben was going into rooms and made puns about them.

for example:

“If you don’t like something about this room then now it’s time to get it off your chest.”


We went onto Towers and looked at the weapons room. I found out that it was highly fortified and it was only taken over once by the Bernese but when they went and searched for the count they found out that he ran away through a secret passage. The prisoners were freed and they could live like normal citizens.

Then we went to Montreux and had pizza for lunch and afterwards drove home and played boardgames and Lasertag (another nice day in the Mountains).

On the road again

21st December, 2016

My family travels. In comparison with most of my friends, I travel at least 75% more (or something). I’m not going to write it all down. If you want the full story go to my parents blog: sabretoothedchickenstour. They got it all. My story is: (a) my views (b) my enqueries (enquiries + queries) and (c) random speculations.

My blog posts probably won’t be as long or interesting as my parents. They won’t be as enjoyable and won’t have as many photos. They… where was I going with this? Seriously though, for all of you that are reading this (I’m betting you came from my parents blog) thanks.

Just realised that was off-topic.

So, as nice as it is to be back on the road, blogging in to my MacBook Air (is that copyright infringement? Hope not.) in a room in a hostel in the capital of Denmark, when will I get to the point…? Now.

Warning: following paragraph contains convoluted, complicated and confusing brackets.

So, firstly the “Winter Weg” (weg means journey, and apparently also stands for Wicked Evil Grin) is a first for most of us, because everyone except dad has never seen falling snow (We did see old, sludgy snow in Missouri in India, but that was… euch (still had some fun, though)). But our christmas will be very white (and cold) as we will be in the Swiss Alps.

Secondly, on our original sabretoothed chickens tour, our dad brought hazmat guy, a lego minifigure, and took photos of him with a few things. I have brought a modified hazmat guy: hazmat lad. My brothers, Reuben and Felix took a little plastic Minecraft blaze and a Minecraft pig respectively. More about them in another post which I will call: The Adventures of Hazmat Lad (or something).

Thirdly and finally, thanks again for enduring this largely off-topic blog post (and blog in general.) It will (hopefully) improve with time. But until then, I will give you a greek sentence (with no translations (so look it up)).

αντίο και σας ευχαριστώ για την ανάγνωση